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Q: How do I buy Entrepreneurship Economics?

A: You can buy this book on our online store: Entrepreneurship Economics

Q: I don't want to pay full price. Are there any discounts when buying the book?

A: You can get a discount for Entrepreneurship Economics and many other CEE publications by simply signing up for GATE. GATE ( Global Association of Teachers of Economics ) is a global membership organization sponsored by the CEE exclusively for K-12 teachers and others who are interested in economic, financial and entrepreneurship education.

Q: What grade levels does Entrepreneurship Economics cover?

A: Entrepreneurship Economcis covers grades 9 - 12.

Q: Where can I download visuals?

A: You may download Entrepreneurship Economics visuals by navigating to, clicking on "Lesson Resources", then selecting the appropriate lesson.

Q: This is a great site, but I want more Economic lessons. Where should I go?

A: A great source of free economic and personal finance lesson plans is EconEdLink. EconEdLink has over 600 free lesson plans and over 100 free interactive tools to enhance K-12 classroom learning. Educators can also sign up for MyEconEdLink, create a profile then save and create notes for each lesson. Lessons are frequently published and updated by the Council for Economic Education.